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Time Tracker

Time Tracking software that makes remote management very easy!

It takes a great pleasure to introduce with our sophisticated Time Tracker software. The software has everything that will help you to track and approve multiple users’ actual working hours on your particular project.

It’s an important new module for freelancer market place software for hourly contract project.
Track your team's time. Know EXACTLY what is REALLY going on.  

Enable you to manage projects & teams thereby increasing network, collaboration and assuring payment for guaranteed work.

We will be happy to support you and expect to have a fair handshaking business with you for Time Tracker software. Visit developed by Scriptgiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a globally trusted Web development & servicing company working for national & international clients for more than fifteen years.

Benefits for the Buyers:

  •   Automatically takes the screenshot of of the freelancer desktop or laptop screens.
  •   Automatically track the time spent on any project .
  •   Monitor your freelancers working from remote areas & manage them as if they were in your office.
  •   Get track of the working hours of your freelancers – each hour engaged is an hour worked.
  •   Auto generated billing and invoice for hourly works.
  •   Share shiny finish screensnaps & short URLs with ease.
  •   Saves your time, money & resources.
  •   Powerful Reports.


Benefits for the Freelancers:

  •   Traces routinely proof of work for zero click invoicing and definite payment.
  •   Work together with teammates and clients as if they were local.
  •   Easily observe who is online.
  •   Brings clarity & helps in maintaining cordial relation with your client because of the transparency of billable & non-billable hours.
  •   It will give the clarity of time consumed and help to manage the project estimates.

Find productive time tracker features & amazing tools with details in attachment.

Time Tracker Software At A Glance!

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Time Tracker