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Get Your Hands On Script Giant Latest Product

April 14,2014

Scriptgiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd. over the years has come up with a large number of products. These products are cloned items of Elance, Freelance, Odesk, Shiksha, Olx, Etsy, Just dial etc. These products are claimed to possess unique set of features and properties. Moreover, the company feels that it is its duty to ensure that the products are updated on a regular basis to incorporate new features and properties. All the products that are developed by the company share certain common features.

Important it is to understand that all these products are that these products are essentially Php based and are available online. Moreover, it is easy to install and use the products suggesting that one does not have to be software professionals to use the items. Even non-professionals can use these items with ease and convenience. These are mostly SEO friendly, bug-free, and easily customizable items. Most are characterized by attractive interfaces. Usually these products are used after customization but there are often instances when customization is done after purchase.

These products are usually cheap and economical to use but if one customizes after purchase then their cost price automatically be enhanced due to the incorporation of additional features and properties. All these scripts have excellent after sales services. And so post purchase if there are any issues with any of the products then those issues can well be catered by the customer support team who is ready to aid the customers online, round the clock.

Products like Elance, Freelance, and Odesk are characterized by the presence of yet another interesting feature and that is the presence of time tracker logic. What is time tracker anyway? Actually, time tracker introduces transparency to the evaluation and monitoring of work completed by job seekers, freelancers, or contractors. Based on evaluation, the employers make payments to their employees using an online payment gateway attached to the website.

The scripts like Freelance Clone are installed in the computer to create an online marketplace for jobs and services. The user interface of the script has registration and login features. Users can log in as freelancers or employers. When they log in as employers, they can create their business profiles, post jobs, browse the different freelancer profiles, make selection of the most qualified and skilled contractor, allot  them jobs.

It is also the part of the employers to get the work done under constraints of time and money. When user logs in as freelancer then he or she can post profiles, browse, and apply for jobs. Similarly, there are other products of the company, which are quite popular in market and are in great demand globally.