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Common Website Designing Trends Of 2014

March 25,2014

Focused Design

Designs, both 2D/3D should be simple. And while designing such designs aim should be to remove unnecessary flare and instead focus on the theme of the website. Originally, there existed a gap between designers and developers. But with the progress of time, browsers are improving and thereby enhancing the creativity of the designers. Therefore, browser focussed flat designs are coming to the rescue of designers and aiding them design quality website design. But it is equally important to see whether the developers are able to execute the designer’s vision. Thus, the designer developer team is important and the team is responsible for adding values to related enterprises.

Death of Stock Images

Modern designing avoids using stock photos. Instead, designers rely on creativity and uniqueness and gather unique photos for all designing purposes. Thus, quality, realistic photos need to be used in future as this enhances designing and aids in building quality websites. It is often observed that instagram photos post editing are quite usable for designing websites.

Simplified Everything

In designing websites, emphasis is laid on the content, as it is understood that 2014 is a year of uninterrupted content consumption. And so in the design of the websites emphasis is not only given to the contents but also other stuffs like ads, social buttons, navigation etc. So the task of the designers is to simplify the contents and to ensure that they can be used easily by all and this includes the young, old and the disabled. Easy navigational features of the tool make designs simple and easy to use. Overall, while designing adequate importance is attached to making the website simple and comprehensible.

Responsive Design

The designs should be responsive in the sense that they need to adapt themselves to the users. Websites are not merely designed keeping computers in mind. But with the increase in the number of devices used by the users it has become increasingly important that the web applications run equally well in all these devices. And for that, the applications need to be adaptable to the user requirements. As far as the trend goes designs are made keeping in consideration essential devices that include mobile phones etc.


While designing it has become a trend to have long scroll pages that allows users to scan content promptly in order to avail the information they require. Scrolling enhances speed, makes web applications easy to implement and is primarily content-focussed in nature.

The above design trends will be used keeping in view the requirements of current generation of users. And with technology offering new things almost every day more trends are to follow with the passage of time.

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