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Track Every Minute Of Your Billable Time With Time Tracker Software

February 24,2014

So far as present economic situation is concerned the organizations are trying to economize on everything but want at the same time to boost their productivity. Because of insufficient productivity from the employees, the business owners are trying hard to save money and as a result of which they prefer to outsource their tasks to freelancers. By hiring a freelancer they can get their task done within a limited time and budget. But it often becomes a headache for both the project owners and freelancers to track every minute of billable time. To help them we have developed a highly sophisticated Time Tracking Software that will facilitate both an individual professional & organizations to be more productive and get guaranteed payment.  

The software is developed with 100% source codes and is a readymade product. It is simple as needed and is focused on the most important. You can now focus on your work and projects and let the software do the task for you in one tool. No need to hassle and panic because currently you can track your time, track your team’s time and know exactly what is really going on with the support of Project Monitoring Software. After a lot of research work we have built-up our php based product especially for business owners & freelancers who are looking for more productive means that can help them to improve productivity and be more effective.

Besides time tracking, sometimes whether you are an experienced project manager or not, it becomes really tough for you to manage a small or large team but with the help of this project monitoring web-based product, managing teams can become easy. It will allow you to improve the productivity of your teams. Thus, through this simple to use project management software that comes with professional project management applications time tracking for the business owners & freelancers will no more be a troublesome task. It will allow them to get payments for assured work.    

The product comes with a complete package and is considered as an important new module for freelancer marketplace software for hourly contract project. No technical knowledge is necessary for its installation because it has been developed with feature rich functionalities & integrated tools. It is easy to install and can be used to expand collaboration with easy to apply powerful features. Our software has proven to be beneficial for both the businesses & freelancers.  

Benefits for the businesses:

  • Considerably improve the productivity of the team
  • Improving business processes by evaluating exactly where time is spent
  • Help to manage remote workers as if they were in the same office
  • Reduce wasted time & improve time spent on productive activities   


Benefits for Freelancers  

  • Keeps records of work for zero click invoicing & definite payment 
  • Maintain cordial relation with your client because of the transparency of billable & non-billable hours
  • Manage project estimates and gives the clarity of time consumed
  • Easily notice who’s online