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The Ongoing Demands Of Popular Website Scripts

February 12,2014

Scriptgiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd is coming up with new innovative software to address the business needs of modern businesspersons. Since much of this software are in actuality clone software and hence these are named as Oneoutsource software. This software despite being clone software is known to possess unique features and functionalities. Research is on to update the software periodically to incorporate new features and functionalities.

The Popular Website Scripts are PHP based software. Since it has a Php base, it is 100 % open source coded. This software can therefore be downloaded from the internet quite conveniently and can be installed in the computer for use. One need not be a computer expert in order to install and use this software. The software is of plug & plays type implying that it can be installed and used in a short period. The software is very useful for businesses. It is used to create websites to cater to the needs and requirements of different businesses.

The products create websites and the websites are aimed at creating a marketplace for either products or services. Business owners interested in businesses maximize their income by selling these website clone scripts and services to different clients. Each product of the Oneoutsource is characterized by a well-defined user interface. The users purchasing these products need to register themselves and by doing so they will be provided with logon user-id and password. And with the available logon credentials, he or she can enter into the website and manage their account without any difficulty.

  • 100% Source Codes
  • Lifetime License
  • Free 1 Year Updates
  • Free Copyright Removal

The php clone scripts are often characterized by strong after sales service. This implies that there are provisions of 24/7 round the clock service even after the sale of the product. For premium products, the after sales service can be availed after one year whereas for standard products the same service can be availed after six months. These products as justified by its name are quite popular in business circles with many modern businesspersons across the country as well as across the world showing interests in investing in them.