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Oneoutsource Has Opened New Horizons For Business Community

June 09,2014

Oneoutsource, a readymade software's marketplace developed by Scriptgiant Technologies has opened new horizons for the business community by providing innovatory readymade software products. We understand your business needs and offers complete web solutions for small, mid-sized and large business enterprises. Our readymade software’s are developed with 100% source codes and will enable a buyer to setup his own online platform and earn huge revenue.

People are running behind to find possible ways to earn income and it is for this reason primarily we have researched and launched several php based products that will allow anyone to compete and sustain in this ongoing world. Each & every product is developed thinking about a particular business strategy so that every business community gets the most beneficial business approach. It will not just let them to gain popularity in the online world but also allow them to achieve greater success rate in the growing entrepreneurial phase.

Let’s focus your attention to some of our most advanced and top selling products that has already conquered the online world:

Odesk clone script, Freelance clone script & elance clone script:

These are readymade php scripts that will allow you to build your own online bidding site like odesk, freelance and elance. These php based products ahs in-built features and functionalities required to meet the business requirements of the buyers.

Buy & Sell Marketplace Software:

This php based product has proved to be highly beneficial for business owners who want to setup their own buy & sell marketplace website like etsy. With the help of shopping cart feature a user can easily gather preferred products or services as a reserved one. While on the other hand a user can act as a buyer & seller using a single login.

Shiksha Clone Script:

This readymade software has offered great business solutions for buyers who want to establish a replica of shiksha website. The product comes with varied modules like student’s management, college management, teacher management, career tips, package management etc.

Just dial clone script:

This php based product is custom built to help buyers design & develop their own business directory portal like just dial. It comes with innovative features like unlimited categories & sub-categories, unlimited image upload, multilingual support, unlimited listing as per state/LGA/city etc.

Aside the aforesaid products there are many other products that are recently launched by us like online t-shirt designer, astrology website, law firm website, singer website, online tech support website, we transfer clone, taskrabbit clone, babysitter website etc. to  provide turnkey business solutions for every business owners. We are continuously researching to develop further more. So, keep an eye on our readymade marketplace to know about the products that are yet to come in the near future.

We are offering discount offers on many of our products. If you want to expose your business on worldwide web then you can definitely look for the readymade products that we have developed for your business prosperity available at a budget-friendly price.