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How To Clone A Website

April 25,2014

When a website is created then there can be situations when we want to have a clone of the website. So it is important to ask why to clone and why not to use a back up of the website. So it is significant to comprehend the difference between a clone and a back up. For instance in order to back up a site there are several free plug-ins associated with word press that can be used. Then the user usually gets a text file containing all the posts in it. The user then can recreates the website using the information from the text file but the entire process is tedious and time consuming.

The user then has to pick up the cool graphics that are customized for the site or the different plug-ins that are installed. He or she has to activate and set up the different pages, widgets of the site in order to make it unique. In simple terms, the entire work is to be done again. The process is purely manual, hence is tedious, and off course time consuming.

In order to avoid this tedious manual replication of websites, users usually professionals resort to cloning websites. Cloning implies going to the site and taking snapshots of each and everything that is present there. The output file so generated is the cloned file. The user can then use a new URL and recreate the website there and the most interesting thing is that the entire process is prompt taking only a few minutes to complete. After creating the cloned website, a neat back up of that site can be created for use whenever required.

Essentially quite a few steps are required to clone and deploy websites.

These steps are as follows.

Logging into the word press site is required whose clone is to be made.

In case the site is not using word press then it is important to convert it to word press.

Using FTP moving the wptwin.php file into the root directory of the site that is to be cloned is required.

Then it is necessary to type the site name and wptwin.php and ten enter.

On doing, this WPTwin pops up in the screen.

Now clicking the button, labelled “Click to clone this site” solves the task of cloning the site. After cloning save the site in the local computer.

The above is a simple illustration of cloning websites.

This is useful and saves time. This method is often resorted to in business.