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Business Secrets Of Android Operating System

April 18,2014

" The OS was not Originally Google's Idea "

The Android OS, though widely perceived, as a product of Google is actually the creation of Andy Rubin. Rubin founded Android Inc. Aim was to provide innovative mobile operating systems to users but in 2005 Android Inc was acquired by Google. And therefore, for this reason the OS was not the original idea of Google.

Latest Update

  • Google has released several versions of the OS since its inception. Each version outperformed the previous version in style. The latest version of the Android operating system is the Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

Number of Apps and Downloads

  • There are more than 1,180,000 android apps that are available in the market Out of these apps there are a certain number which are categorised as low quality apps. A certain number of apps are regular apps. There are more than 900000 free apps as against 214000 paid apps. Users tend to download free apps more than they download paid apps.

Android Applications

  • The Os is popular as most of the mobile games and apps use the OS as the platform. More and more popular apps on Facebook including the instagram work on the Android OS. This clearly points out to the fact that the market of Android is huge.

Provides Loads of Options to Customize Smart phones

As compared to other mobile OS android provide additional customization features to its users. They can even choose from a wide range of themes and wallpapers and that too without paying any charge. Users often apply other OS like IOS and windows phone themes on the Android devices. The advantage of using Android lies in the fact that it allows users to share content through any installed app having sharing capabilities. They also extensively exercise the option of replacing default android keypad with other alternatives.


Not the First Choice of Many Application Developers

Therefore Mobile App Development is quite a popular among users and manufacturers but it is not the first choice among mobile application developers. It is true that Android apps are more popular among men primarily because of functionalities but most people prefer to use free apps. And at the app store free apps count exceeds the paid apps and that is why mobile app developers interested in revenues prefer IOS apps to get more returns in terms of money.

Though Android is a popular OS and it is true that its market is increasing yet it in recent times facing tough competition. In recent times, new mobile operating systems, slowly and steadily gaining popularity and this is affecting the Android business. And so it is important for Google to update the Google OS regularly in order to maintain the popularity and market share.